Your City Council-Approved Program.

The Mission of Parlier’s Solar Program:

Install Energy Efficiency and Solar Electric Battery Systems on Parlier homes, fully financed, backed by the City, and affordable for nearly anyone who wants to sign up.

This program is designed to have a massive effect in reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants, while saving homeowners money, and Parlier gets an income without raising taxes.

We required that each solar system include batteries for power when the Grid goes down. Standard solar systems do not operate without the Grid.

Save Money and
Go Green

Ready to enroll in the
Parlier Home Solar Program?

Here are the  basic steps:

  1. Sign Up Here Online, at City Hall
  2. Solar Contractors check your roof
  3. Permitting, Installation & Final Inspection
  4. Turn it on and let the Savings Begin

City Administration Office:
1100 E. Parlier Avenue
Parlier CA, 93648

We invite you to join our very own Parlier Home Solar Program.

Each home gets a comprehensive LED lighting retrofit, equipment that makes your electrical system run more efficiently, and a solar system with batteries.

When the Grid goes down you’ll still have power.

Investors pay for it all, earn federal and state incentives, charge only for the power actually produced, and maintain it for the 20-year program term. Then you’ll own the system.

It’s okay if your roof faces east or west, or is shaded by trees (unless it’s very heavily shaded; then we’ll talk). Your solar system will produce somewhat less than ideal roofs, but that’s okay. Solar panels are reasonably cheap now. We can just add a few to reach our goal. Installation is taken care of by licensed contractors.

Everyone should end up getting about 20% (some savings the first year) savings off PG&E’s regular rates, maybe less if you are part of a special program. We will invoice you monthly, and pay the investors. It’s in their interest to keep your system running efficiently, as that’s how they get paid.

You’ll keep your electric meter for automatic backup power supply. I will feed some power produced by your solar system to the Grid through a Net Meter, and PG&E will credit your account. Most systems are designed to cover 90% of your annual electricity usage, so you’ll still buy about 10% from PG&E. Your carbon dioxide emissions will go down by 22,000 pounds per year, for an average home.

You will receive an annual report about utility rates and your savings. If or when equipment reaches end of life, during the program term, it will be replaced by the investors.


What’s in it for me?

• You’ll have power when the Grid is down, because your solar system will have batteries

• Savings of about 20% off your electricity bills; for an average home that’s ~ $450 per year

• Average carbon emission savings of 22,000 lbs per year, per home… so it is huge!

• One participating house will win a year of free power

Does this seem too good to be true?

That was our thought when the Program Developer first approached us. We wanted it to work but we took the time, asked many questions, to be sure. They were completely open with us. Every aspect was vetted. Our City Staff examined the numbers and commitment. The City Council will still need to approve, after the sign-ups period.

Electriq Power has investor partners who earn tax incentives by investing in solar projects. While many towns have undertaken to enter into long-term financed deals like this for solar power on their own buildings, none we know of have offered it broadly to their home owners. Now we can.

We’re at the forefront of an energy revolution, as this program launches nationally. Let’s do it together.

Questions? Need Help? Visit our CONTACT Page.

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