Get a Solar + Battery Storage System at No Cost to You!

Generate Your Own Power and Protect Your Home from Rising Electricity Costs and Blackouts!

Get a Solar + Battery Storage System at No Cost to You!

Find out just how much you could save on electricity costs!

Start Saving on Electricity with Your Solar and Battery Storage System!

Stop paying high electricity rates! Switch to a Low-Cost Solar and Battery Storage System – at NO COST TO YOU! With the Parlier Home Solar Program, you can save money on electricity and avoid unpredictable rate increases.

Plus, as a homeowner there are no upfront costs, payments or deposits, and no maintenance fees.

Save Money & Protect Yourself from Unexpected Rate Hikes Year After Year!  

With the Parlier Home Solar Program, homeowners in Parlier and neighboring communities can save money on electricity costs and be protected from sky-high PG&E rates. Plus, your solar and battery storage system produces and stores energy from the sun, so you’ll be helping to reduce carbon emissions and going green.

With the Home Solar Program You Get:

  • No Cost Solar & Battery Storage
  • No Credit Check or Property Lien
  • Protect Your Family Against Power Outages
  • Professional Installation & Permitting
  • Warranty & No Maintenance Costs
  • City Council-Approved & Guaranteed
  • Customer Care to Answer Any Questions

The Solar System is Customized and Designed for Your Home.

The PowerPod2 Battery is state-of-the-art and included in your custom-designed solar system. The PowerPod 2 battery stores electricity for later use – such as when the sun isn’t shining, or the power grid is down. Best yet, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your lights, internet, refrigerator, air conditioner, and more will continue working during any outages. Plus, you can monitor your system easily with the mobile app.


Put Hundreds of Dollars Back In Your Pocket.

When the sun goes down, solar energy production stops. The highest rates for electricity often occur after the sun has gone down, but your solar + battery system has stored energy from earlier in the day to save you even more money. Plus, your price of energy from the system is guaranteed for 20 years!

Plus, when you send us your most recent electricity bill, we’ll show you just how much you could save with the Solar and Battery Storage System. Just sign up and we’ll send you an email that makes it easy to send your photos of your bill.

PowerPod 2 Battery Included

City-Council Approved and Trusted.

Go with the trusted program that puts customers first! This program is Parlier City-Council-Approved which means you can trust that the solar and battery system is state-of-the-art and customized for your home. No kits – just designed especially for your home and your energy usage.

And remember, if you are a homeowner in Parlier or any of the neighboring towns, you can sign up for the Parlier Home Solar Program to cut your electricity bill and get the peace of mind that comes with protecting your home and family from power outages.

Get a No-Cost Solar & Battery Storage System.

Request your FREE Home Energy Savings Estimate now to see how much you could save! Sign Up Now or Call (559) 573-9411 today!! All we need is your most recent electricity bill to get started with your FREE savings estimate.

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