Parlier Home Solar Program

A City Council-Approved Program

Not a Parlier Homeowner? Now Open to Neighboring Cities!

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Save Money and
Go Green

1.  Sign Up online or at our office, or with our local young people who come to your home

– No deposit is required

– No commitment is required until you see your homes’ design & estimated savings

– Read & Sign a California Solar Consumer Protection Guide and the contract with    Parlier Home Solar LLC

2.  Solar contractors do site visit

    – They’ll measure the roof, take shade readings & look inside your attic to see the roof structure, to be sure it can take the weight. Most roofs can, the rest can usually be reinforced. 

3.  Engineering, Permitting & Installation

4. Pass inspection, wait for the utility to allow us to turn it on

After the system gets turned on, Parlier Home Solar LLC bills you monthly for the solar power. 

The contractors are paid by investors to maintain the system.

Every Homeowner in Our Community Can Participate*

Together We Can Reduce Carbon Emissions on a Large Scale

City Administration Office:
1100 E. Parlier Avenue
Parlier CA, 93648

Phone: (559) 646-3545

Join Us to Reduce Pollution

This is a public-private partnership with solar battery manufacturer Electriq Power (EP), of San Leandro.  The full cost of the system is covered by EP’s investors, which are doing business as Parlier Home Solar LLC (PHS). Installation is taken care of by licensed contractors. Each home gets a solar system with batteries. When the Grid goes down you’ll still have power.

You must own and live in your house to qualify unless your landlord agrees to sign the contract as well as you. Some smart landlords are already allowing their tenants to participate.

It’s okay if your roof faces east or west, or is shaded by trees (unless it’s very heavily shaded; then we’ll talk). Your solar system will produce somewhat less than ideal roofs, which means we have to add a few more solar panels. That was bad when solar panels were expensive, not anymore.

We intend that you save a lot on your PG&E bill. Each home is modeled individually, so how much you can expect to save will be determined before you’re asked to sign the agreement. Your system will be designed to cover almost all of your annual electricity usage. You will continue to buy some from PG&E and pay them for having an Electric Grid connection. Sometimes your system will produce more than you need. This power will be pushed to the Grid and you will receive a credit.

You will be able to see your solar system’s production live online. You will receive an annual report about utility rates, your solar production, and savings. When the panels are very dirty the contractors will clean them.  If or when equipment reaches the end of life, during the program term, it will be replaced by the investors.

After 20 years you can own the system, for a very small buyout amount.*

What’s in it for me?

• You’ll have power when the Grid is down, because your solar system will have batteries

• Savings off your electricity bills

• Eliminating average carbon emissions of 19,000 lbs per year, per home… so it is huge!

• One participating house will win a year of free power

Does this seem too good to be true?

That was our thought when the Program Developer first approached us, more than two years ago. We wanted it to work but we took the time, asked many questions, to be sure.  They were completely open with us. Every aspect was analyzed. Our City Manager and Attorney examined the numbers and our commitment.  The City retains oversight authority.

While many towns have undertaken to enter into long-term financed deals like this for solar power on their own buildings, none we know of have offered it broadly to their homeowners.  Now we can.  

We are at the forefront of an energy revolution, as this program launches throughout the San Joaquin Valley, our State, and nationally.  Let’s do this together.

Questions? Need Help? Visit our CONTACT Page.

*If you use very little power, or have another special circumstance, we might not be able to serve you.

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