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Almost every home is suitable

Sign up here for the Parlier Home Solar Program and join your neighbors.

Unless your roof cannot hold the extra weight or is very old, we can install on it. If your roof needs just a bit of reinforcing we can do that. We cannot reroof for you though. Our site visit crew can determine these things after you’ve joined the program. They will tell you if they find something we cannot handle. You will have the option to cancel participation without any obligation or arrange your own repairs. Even if those take months we can wait, then install the system.

Our local Parlier team waiting to connect with you about the program in Spanish or English.

This is a secure form that goes directly to Electriq Power.

Do you have online data?

If you already have a PG&E online account, link your account here and let our analysts assess your home’s usage pattern. This will give us a running look at your usage, every 15 minutes for the whole year.  Our projected savings calculation will be more accurate.

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